559513_297754020415404_6290861243108670943_nSamhain is lit with the last glowing embers of the harvest end. It is the feast of the dead and the old celtic new year. It is a time to honour the dead and the eternal – death is always the doorway into rebirth.
It is a very sacred special festival.

To celebrate Samhain we will be holding space for an evening of healing and recalibration with the ancestral guides.

Included in the evening

Gratitude ceremony – the end of the harvest is a time for giving thanks for all that we have grown. In soul terms this is all that we have learnt, all the we have loved and all the abundance we have been gifted. Giving thanks opens you heart and is the simplest path to happiness.

Honouring the Deaths
In and safe and love filled circle we come together in meditation to honour the deaths of the year. This includes the people we have lost but also the deaths within ourselves, the habits and patterns we have healed and the changes in our lives. It is a very powerful time to complete and let go the things you have been working on releasing. It is a chance to free yourself from what you have been carrying.

A Shamanic Ancestral healing journey
After opening to what we choose to complete and let go of we hold a shamanic healing journey connecting you to your ancestral healing guides who will asset in healing your heart, emotions and spiritual DNA so that the whole of you is ready to start the next Earth cycle a fresh and renewed.

We will close circle by setting new intentions and manifesting for the months ahead.

Offerings to the wise-ones
Please bring an offering to the grandmothers and grandfather. Samhain is the start of the rule of the Crone – the time of the wise in the earth’s cycle. My guides have said this winter there will be a big remembering of ancient wisdom and energy. The old ways have so much to teach us so after the circle we will go to one of the Grandmother trees on hampstead heath and give our offering for wisdom. Please make sure the offering is an earth gift such as flowers or nuts….

The peagan festivals mark the shifts and seasons of the natural world. By celebrating and honouring them we come into oneness with mother earth and gain a deeper more insightful understanding of the natural cycle we share with her. We are able to flow and dance so much more peacefully when we do it with the earth. To me this is honouring the magic of life so what ever you do this Samhain I hope it is very special.

The cost of this event is £22.


Swiss Cottage

96 Finchley Road, NW3 London,