The Shaman’s Last Apprentice reads like a modern fairy tale but instead of finding love outside myself I found it within. This is my incredible story of how a city born, western woman ends up apprenticing the powerful plant medicine Ayahuasca with an indigenous Shaman in the depths of the Amazon. After a near death experience at Machu Picchu, I experienced a vision that led me to a a little village tucked away on a tributary of the Amazon River. There I learnt ancient plant wisdom, discovered the truth about myself and bring back a message of hope from this sacred place, for these times of instability and change.


‘…The Ancient Shaman’s that walked this path were interpreters who could manipulate the universal energy and travel between the different veils that separate our world from the spirit and animal worlds. Not many apprentices complete the training…But there is still time for a new awakening. The power is still accessible. It just takes courage and discipline.                                    But I am old and will soon die.                                                                                                                            You are my first Western pupil and my last apprentice.                                                                                I have faith in you. Let us begin….’                                                                                                                    -Don Juanito, my teacher

‘I really loved your book. Your courage, sense of adventure and wisdom shone from every page. I felt the happiness and simplicity of life in the Amazon jungle. Thank you.                                                – Diana Cooper, Author of Transition to the Golden Age 2032

The Shaman’s Last Apprentice provides a well-written, sexy and absorbing account of a young EnglishWoman’s journey into the world of Peruvian Ayahasquero Shaman’s                                           – Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D, Author of The Eagle’s Quest, and Scientist in, ‘What the Bleep do we know?’.