boom2016-fb-thumb-1-300x300I am honoured to announce that I am joining the line up at BOOM Festival in Portugal this August. Held every two years Boom is the mother of all psychedelic shindigs with a big focus on the transformational, cultural and healing aspects. The theme for this year is Shamanism in all its many forms.

I am joining the Liminal Village discussion panel on the subject of ‘Contemporary Shamanism and Sacred Ritual’ something which I am wholly committed to…making Shamanism accessible as a way of life in this modern day. I’ll be joined by Satya who is a specialist with medicine plants, temazcal and is psycotherapist; Apurva is a specialist with Fire and Rites of Passage; Christof Melchizedek is a specialist in the field of DNA activation and galactic shamanism so this will be an interesting discussion to say the least.

I am also holding a Sacred Cacao Ceremony in the Being Fields (formerly the healing fields). A journey held by a magic lake in the desert for 120 people is going to be powerful indeed. If you were one of the people lucky enough to get a ticket before it sold out then I will see you there and I hope you join me.