Surfing this Capricorn Full Moon Wave

My 7 top tips to successfully surfing this CAPRICORN FULL MOON WAVE

Hold on tight
Capricorn represents the resilience and nimbleness of the mountain goat, supporting us to keep on holding tight to our dreams and visions by reigniting our ambition and productivity, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. This timely moon is helpful for those who are feeling there are big changes happening, and things are starting to manifest at a physical level. It’s bringing with it a sense of expectancy, excitement and anticipation for the future, as the synchronicities and connections get stronger and more profound.

Reclaim Your Power
A Capricorn full moon can help us clearly see where our limitations and beliefs about ourselves are holding us back from manifesting what we want. It can inspire us to reclaim our power and find our authority. Setting guidelines and boundaries can help us to stay in our integrity and honesty, without fear. Learning to value yourself and set clear boundaries can reduce the frustrations and disappointments caused by suppressing your truth, so don’t miss this chance to get a bit tougher and say what you really feel.

Beware the Pessimist
A Capricorn full moon, ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions and limitations, heightens the pessimist within us, who can only see the negative in everything. You may experience unexpected feelings of wariness and negativity around all sorts of situations, and feel annoyed and frustrated with the actions of others. However, we are living in a duality reality so recognise the moments of disappointment and doubt, amidst the equal moments of magic and wonder.

Consciously Choosing War or Peace
Over this moon there is a high chance of conflict, war, anger, and retribution, as we feel more triggered and frustrated than ever. However, we always have a choice, and we are all being tested individually, to choose peace instead of war. When we choose peace, we come from our hearts, and find the forgiveness and compassion to let go of the ego control. For real resolution, we must let go of needing to be right, choose peace, and find the solutions that work for everyone.

Walking Away
If you are in an abusive, or challenging relationship or situation that is no longer serving you, this moon can ignite enough fire to enable you to walk away. During this moon, all our buttons will be pushed and it will be almost impossible to pretend everything is ok. See this as a blessing, so that you can finally find the strength and inner power to walk away, and end what is no longer good or healthy.

Recommit to Your Vision
Capricorn reminds us to re-examine our boundaries and commitments to our visions. It helps us find discipline and self-control that may have weakened over the last few months and strengthens our tenacity to keep on keeping on, in order to reach the goal. It also gives us the courage to take risks that we may not normally have the guts to do.

See How Far You’ve Climbed
Beware of your inner critic that may be working overtime and don’t be too hard on yourself. This moon is also for celebrating your achievements right now. Recognise and be grateful for how far you have come, even if the original goal still seems far away. The journey is ongoing and the more you honour and appreciate the steps you have taken towards your vision the more you will enjoy everything that is about to happen.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Theodore Roosevelt:
“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat”

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