Conflict vs Cooperation

unnamed (1)Conflict vs Cooperation

Symbolised by the scales, the Libra full moon focuses on restoring the balance and enables us to see both sides of the situation. During this full moon it is a time for cooperation and compromise, rather than conflict and confrontation.

But over the last few days the situation in the Middle East has deteriorated and rather than come to the situation with peace and harmony, our leaders are descending into a rhetoric of war, anger, hatred, separation and fighting for some false concept of control.

No longer aware of the cyclical nature of earth and living things, we are out of touch with the Universal laws of Nature. We are now stuck in a linear loop that keeps us running around the hamster ring, getting nowhere fast, and being hostages to this separation, disunity and conflict that fuels personal ego-based agenda’s. By misusing and abusing our planet, we are misusing and abusing ourselves. The divine Paradox is that the Planet herself will rejuvenate, and continue, its whether we, as a species, will be able to survive seven generations into the future.

We have created a fairer world where we have the right to a better, more prosperous life, but we have become so caught up in science, so immersed in rationality, so hypnotised by religion that we have lost our respect for the way this planet works and ignored the teachings of our ancestors that knew how this world operated.

When we lost our respect and connection to Mother Earth our will became destructive. We started dominating our environment and so began our war-filled, power-fuelled, control-fuelled, testosterone fuelled actions. We have lost our dignity and our purpose for why we are here and this shame is numbing us to make the changes we need to take in order to change the direction we are going.

Blinded by the notion of linear progress we are marching full speed ahead into oblivion. We do not have enough resources on the planet to sustain seven billion people consuming as much as we are consuming, and yet capitalism, a money-orientated, consumption based, technologically prejudiced ideology is now dominating the entire planet and dividing it up between the haves and the have nots.

The word sustainability is used to calm our fears, but the truth of the situation is we don’t want to give up our lifestyles, our comforts, our way of life, that we are so used to, so nothing is really changing.  We are still being sold the warped idea that consumption is good for us, yet we are fat, bloated and asleep, while the world is burning.

And now we have all satiated our materialistic ideals, working till we drop with exhaustion, but still not feeling happy or content. In fact feeling the opposite, dark, depressed, anxious and fearful, as we realise the futility of our existence and we are starting to ask ourselves, ‘what’s the hell is it all about?’ When we start asking this question we begin to see this limited three dimensional reality is actually an illusion that has kept us in this unhappy cycle for generations. We are realising that is a greater and grander picture of the world that we are beginning to awake to.

While we endeavour to follow our dreams and fulfil our needs, we are becoming more aware than ever that our actions have a direct impact on everything around us. The more we realise that we are part of the whole, our intentions are for the greater good, and our actions are automatically supportive and healthy. When we are only thinking of our own needs and wants there is an element of conflict in all our relationships. This Libra full moon reminds us we must shift our value systems from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ if we are going to leave this Planet healthy for future generations.

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