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A Seven Week Course to Explore the Real You!

WHEN: Thursday 16th April – Thursday 21st May  2015


WHERE: 75 Belsize Lane, NW3 5AU Nearest tube: Belsize Park or Swiss Cottage

CACAO CEREMONY: Saturday 23rd May 2-5pm Xenia, Waterloo, 

This seven week shamanic training course dives deep to explore the inner workings of our unconscious mind to release the blockages, addictions and fears that are stopping us from living our dreams. When we understand ourselves on this deep level, we know who we really are, and more conscious of the reality we are creating.

The course runs very Thursday night for 6 weeks and the Seventh session is on Saturday 23rd May.

I also give weekly ‘homework’ in the form of practical exercises that strengthens what we have done in the class, making this an experiential course, rather than just theory based.

The foundation of the course is based on the following: When we know who we are, our self-awareness is strong and we automatically have more self respect, and therefore, more self-worth, more self-love, more self-expression and self-responsibility, leading to self-realisation and liberation because we can be truly who we are!

Root Chakra: Self- Awareness

Sacral Chakra: Self-Respect

Solar Plexus Chakra: Self-Worth

Heart Chakra: Self-Love

Throat Chakra: Self-Expression

Third Eye Chakra: Self-Responsibility

Crown Chakra: Self-Consciousness

The seventh session (crown chakra) is a cacao ceremony on Saturday 23rd May from 2-5pm so we can fully integrate and digest what we have learnt over the six weeks enabling us to be clearer, more focused, happier and lighter and most importantly – more in love with who we are.

This course is for people who are ready to find their own answers. I facilitate the space and provide the guidance but the answers are your own. This is an opportunity to really dig deep and release any blockages, ancestral patterns, addictions, destructive behaviours and beliefs that are stopping you from being who you really are. The more you invest energetically into the course the more you will get out of it.

This course comes with a money back guarantee…these 7 weeks will change your life and give you the tools and experience to break out of your limitations and be truly you.

If you want to Soar you need to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)…what are you waiting for?

Cost: £250 full price, £230 concessions

Please email  me at to book your place…

“THANK YOU SO MUCH basically! This course experience worked on so many levels and has opened up many doors of understanding 🙂 I am feeling genuinely empowered. May you always empower and remind souls of their eternal loveliness and power in this way! ” Maria Papadimitriou, London

“Maybe the Inner Shaman course should come with a warning? – ‘this course will change your life!’ The cacao sessions I did with you earlier in 2014 paved the way for me to do the Inner Shaman course, and combined with a little intention setting at the start of 2014, the Inner Shaman course really helped me to be open to the opportunities that came my way in 2014. I can’t really put into words what a year it has been but as I write this it feels like I am living the dream! Ok, I’m not saying it has been easy and plain sailing, or that everything is perfect, but I am simply amazed that all of this has happened in one year. Without a doubt the cacao sharemonies and Inner Shaman course helped me be open and ready to grasp these opportunites as they presented themselves. You created such a warm and supportive environment, and the weekly homework helped keep the momentum from week to week. It was great to be amongst a group of interesting and inspiring people each week during the journey of the course.” Dana Andrew, London


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