Master Plant Medicine Webinars

Free Online Webinar Series


I am hosting a series of free online Webinars that will offer a deeper understanding of the Master Plant Medicines: Ayahuasca, Cacao and Cannabis, and their important role for our conscious evolution.


11th May – An introduction to the Master Plant Medicines

17th May – Ayahuasca: A higher intelligence

31st May: Marijuana: medicine for the people

14th June: Cacao: heart opening medicine

28th June: Hemp: can save the world

5th July: Chiric Sanango and other lesser known plant medicines of the Peruvian Amazon.

I started my Plant medicine journey with Ayahuasca nineteen years ago, and have been working with various Plant Medicines, specifically Cacao and Cannabis, since then. Recently, I have seen a huge rise in interest about Plant Medicines and Plant Consciousness.

The Plants are desperate for us to ‘wake up’ and remember our purpose and place at guardians and custodians. Our disconnection from Nature is one of the main causes of suffering, dis-ease and the environmental destruction to our Planet that we share with all living things that also depend on a healthy eco system to thrive.

This is your chance to find out more about these amazing Master Plant Teachers, with a Q&A to answer any questions you may have regarding Plant medicines, Plant consciousness and how they are waking us up and empowering us to be the change.


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