Aries full moon – Forgiveness Ritual

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness but because YOU deserve peace. Over this Aries eclipse, there have been more misunderstandings and ignited tempers then I can remember and I seem to be saying sorry and finding forgiveness a lot this week. Sometimes it's not easy finding or asking for forgiveness.  Often it can be downright excruciating, especially if you are the one feeling wronged. However, Forgiveness and Gratitude are two powerful energies that can heal so much Read more [...]

Aries Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse – Wednesday 8th Oct

After the balancing Libra new moon we are now heading towards the next round of eclipses starting with the total eclipse of the moon in Aries. This eclipse completes the process that started on the Libra full moon eclipse we experienced in April 2014. The Libra/Aries moon cycle is all about finding the balance between the ego/self and the greater whole. The Libra lunar eclipse in May showed us where we needed more balance in our lives and illuminated what no longer serves us. The Aries full Read more [...]

Shape-Shifting with John Perkins

As part of the phenomenal Plant Consiousness conference, on Sunday  4th October, John Perkins took an audience of about 250 people on a shamanic shape-shifting journey! However, this was ‘Shape Shifting’ of a different kind, yet a very timely journey to prepare us for the Aries Full moon eclipse. Check out my Lunascope for more about this coming moon. Throughout the day,  John took us on three shamanic journeys to release whatever was holding us back from being who we are, interspersed Read more [...]

Libra New Moon – Finding the Balance

Phew, what an intense few months it's been. Fortunately, we have passed through the phase of supermoons, and now we reach the calming, and soothing, airy Libra new moon, that will help us survey the impact of the last few months in a more balanced and harmonious way. Use these next couple of weeks`wisely and start harvesting the seeds you have sown, because there is more chaos ahead. The Aries full moon is a total lunar eclipse and Mercury goes retrograde, slowing everything down again Read more [...]

Autumn Equinox – The Attitude of Gratitude

What is joy without sorrow? What is success without failure? What is a win without a loss? What is health without illness? You have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. There is always going to be suffering.  It is how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it that will define you.”~ Mark Twain   From September 21-23rd our pagan ancestors celebrated Autumn Equinox, the cross quarter festival of the Harvest. We reap what we have sown over the last year and Read more [...]

World Ayahuasca Conference, Ibiza 2014

Next week I will be showcasing my documentary 'The Shaman's Last Apprentice' at the World Ayahuasca Conference in Ibiza. The mere fact that this 'Unesco supported' conference exists is testament to how hugely important a topic Ayahuasca is right now. From 25th - 27th September, over 400 people from 42 different countries are coming together on the white isle to discuss the future of this potent and important plant. I am very honoured to be part of this momentous occasion. Sixteen years ago when Read more [...]