My healing session with Rebekah was amazing, what I avoided for years was released in a very powerful but nurturing environment. I felt complete trust in Rebekah and I have never had a session like it. If you have a past that haunts you, let Rebekah help you to release. I’m telling all my friends!  – Kelly Morgan

If patterns are deeply rooted we need to dive deep into the subconscious to remove the karmic ties, ancestral chains and emotional scars that just won’t seem to dissolve.

I have many shamanic tools in my tool box, gleaned over twenty years of walking this path and we will use the right ones for your specific needs to ensure the best outcome.

Some of the shamanic practises I use:

  • Guided visualisations,
    • Chakra healings and clearings,
    • Energetic healing
    • Cutting the energetic ties that keep us locked in the past,
    • Connecting with our inner wise woman/man,
    • Soul retrievals,
    • Past life regressions
    • Finding our power animal
    • Office and Home clearings


A one off session is £150 and are held at my shamanic studio in Brixton and lasts between 1.5 to 2 hrs

*Concessions available


“I was referred to Rebekah’s work by friends who were impressed by her unique yet personal approach to coaching. Rebekah used a combination of intuition and other tools to look at my issues and help me become more grounded. More and more of my history around the situation started to appear – my feelings, emotions.  Using her shamanic skills, Rebekah gave an explanation of what needed to be looked at.  At no stage did she ask for my family history, there was no need. Shamanic work uses energy and intuition.  Sometimes we worked on healing events that happened in my life and sometimes healing ancestral issues and beliefs that I was still carrying (unconsciously) and kept impacting on me.

Using a soul retrieval process, we met the people who were carrying pieces of my life force energy with them.  As I journeyed towards the people who were connected to my feelings of stuck energy, I felt very safe.  I could hear her shamanic rattle accompanying me everywhere I visited, releasing stuck energy and returning it to my body while I could speak to the blocks directly.  I could feel the energy changing from day one and have felt it much easier for me to focus on what I want to do since then; bringing my body and mind back into harmony.” Ms R Henderson,Uk